Strategy & Organisational Performance

Business is becoming increasingly competitive and complex with consolidation, technology developments and more regulation coming over the horizon.  As a result, business plans are often out-dated, not future proofed and lack stakeholder buy-in and commitment.

Lancaster Partners provide a corporate planning framework to revalidate or update your strategic business plan. The strategic planning framework incorporates the following key components:

  • Mission statement
  • Vision statement
  • Values statement
  • Environmental factors assessment
  • Critical assumptions about the future
  • Risk assessment, risk appetite and tolerance limits
  • Three-year, written, board-approved strategic plan that includes:
    • Vision statement (time horizon 5 to 20 years)
    • Strategic initiatives and goals (time horizon 2 to 3 years)
    • Annual plan and goals (time horizon 1 year)
  • Standard format for cascading overall strategic plans and goals into aligned plans for operating units, departments and major projects
  • A clear set of measurable objectives to monitor actual performance against the achievement of your strategic objective
  • Strategic performance measurement report format
  • Active engagement in the process from all stakeholders at all levels, including board off-site workshop.