Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is a major business issue for all organisations, worldwide. Most businesses recognise that governance structures are vital to success, however only a few manage to embed corporate governance into their business as it develops. The restructuring of a business to provide an appropriate corporate governance framework can be a significant challenge for both management and the Board.  We offer a comprehensive range of governance services designed to support sustained business growth. This includes effective solutions for:

  • Board & Committees„
  • Corporate planning & performance reporting (KPI’s)
  • Organisational structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Corporate policies and procedures
  • Risk management and compliance frameworks
  • Business systems, processes and controls
  • Regular audit reviews of key risk areas
  • Employee training and mentoring

The above solutions can be addressed separately, however we believe that the most effective approach is to perform an initial diagnostic to assess the governance framework and then develop an action plan to close the gaps identified.